Cartwheel Initiative at the Children’s Museum of the Arts

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Join Ashok Sinha, Geoff Green and the entire Cartwheel Initiative team for the exhibition of Sri Lankan children’s artwork.

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La Lettre profiles MAW

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From the Outback by Ashok Sinha

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emus in south australia
Traveling in the Australian Outback has been something I have always wanted to do.  I got my first taste of it in South Australia, where this image (featured in the exhibition) was shot.  We were driving towards Beltana Station, a fully working sheep and cattle station in the Outback, and having started out early in the morning, the light still had a nice soft glow to it.
We had just pulled into a narrow dirt road, when out of nowhere, a row of emus appeared in the horizon.  They walked right in front of the car and I just stood there watching them as they moved hastily like a group of ladies rushing on their morning commute to work.
I didn’t click the shutter right away, but I waited until they almost blended into the landscape – that to me was the defining moment for this picture.
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